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Engels | 08-11-2023 | 198 pagina's


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Korte beschrijving/Annotatie

Continuous AI focuses on increasing the outcome of CE aspect areas such as the value streams Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration.

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The bottlenecks of CE value streams are located in the form of limitations (performance) and boundaries (functionality). These bottlenecks can be reduced or removed through AI application areas, such as using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This book is a publication in the continuous everything series. The content consists of the discussion of AI application areas for all published CE aspect areas. For each step of each value stream, it is indicated what the possibilities of AI are now or in the future. The value streams involved are: Continuous Planning, Continuous Design, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Learning, Continuous Security, Continuous Auditing, Continuous SLA and Continuous Assessment. This gives you a tool to apply AI in your organization in a structured and effective way.


Increase the outcome of Continuous Testing and Continuous Ingegration with this release. Continuous AI - Best Practices


Drs. Ing. B. de Best RI has been active in ICT since 1985. He worked primarily with the top 100 of Dutch business and government organizations. He has acquired experience in different roles within all aspects of system development, including operations for 12 years. After that, he focused on the subject of service management. Currently, as a consultant, he is active in all aspects of the knowledge management cycle of service management, such as training ICT managers and service managers, advising service management organisations, improving service management processes and outsourcing (parts of) service management organisations. He graduated at both the HTS and University level in the management field.


ISBN :9789491480300
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Publicatiedatum :  08-11-2023
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
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Reeks :  Continuous Everything
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